The Future of Remote Work for IT Professionals

Remote work is becoming much more common in today’s connected world. Tech pros across the country are demanding more remote work options and are choosing remote jobs because of the flexibility they provide. On the employer side of the equation, remote work can actually be more effective. According to Gallup, employees who spent 60 to 80 percent of their time working remotely had the highest rates of engagement. Simply hiring a warm body to fill a role is no longer necessary – nor worth the cost. The future of IT is in remote work.

Benefits of Hiring Remote IT Professionals

There are numerous business benefits to hiring remote workers, including:

  • Access nationwide talent. If you require IT employees to be local, you’re going to limit your talent pool – even if you offer relocation benefits. Remote work opportunities instantly expand your talent pool to the entire country.
  • Close the diversity gap. There is a well-documented lack of diversity in tech. Expanding to remote work encourages people of every background to apply – especially working mothers.
  • Improve employee retention. Most remote workers report that they are more satisfied working from home than working in an office and they are more willing to stick with an employer that affords them that freedom.
  • Cut costs. Businesses can drastically cut overhead by hiring remote teams.
  • Improve work-life balance. Burnout is extremely high in tech, and remote work promotes better work-life balance and helps stave off burnout that leads to lower productivity and higher turnover.

Keys To Successful Remote Work

Successfully implementing remote work requires preparation, planning and clear processes.

  • Have a policy in writing. Remote work requires structure. Set a policy and put it in writing. Have new employees sign off on it before they can begin work.
  • Ensure access. Make sure all IT workers have secure access to the programs and data they need in the cloud.
  • Prioritize security. Don’t assume IT pros will prioritize security. Set strong protocols and hold ongoing training to prevent complacency.
  • It’s easy to forget about remote workers, so make clear and consistent communication a priority and set regular check-ins and video chat meetings with team members.
  • Set clear expectations. Make sure remote workers know what is expected of them in terms of deadlines, communication and team collaboration.
  • Include them. Remote workers need to feel like part of the team to maintain engagement. They should be invited to the office for important meetings or teambuilding events, and remote teams should have their own channels on communications platforms to make them feel like they are not alone.
  • Hire well. Unfortunately, not everyone is suited for remote work. Remote employees must be reliable, trustworthy, motivated and independent, but they must also be collaborative and willing to speak up when they have questions.

Are You Ready To Hire Remote IT Employees?

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