How to Save Time and Money on Your IT Hiring Process

Great IT employees are expensive to find, and bad hires significantly eat into the bottom line. The longer a search and the more misaligned the candidate, the more money your company wastes. Follow these strategies to save time and money on your IT hiring process without sacrificing quality.

Build Better Job Descriptions

Attracting qualified candidates begins with writing effective job descriptions. Even if you have a great ATS platform, you can waste hours reviewing resumes from unqualified applicants. To build better descriptions:

  • Take the existing job description to the manager and ask him or her to update it as needed.
  • Talk to the manager about the skills and qualifications that are must-haves and those that are not.
  • Keep the description accurate, but try to make it concise. If it’s too wordy, it could deter people from applying.
  • Include information on expectations and company culture.
  • Include a salary range. Many companies shy away from this, but salary misalignment can lead you to lose qualified candidates at the end of the process. Get it out in the open immediately.

Stick to Your Timeline

Today, IT candidates are in control of the job market. A process that is slow, complex and disjointed will cost you high-quality candidates. Develop realistic timelines and stick to them. Make every interview non-negotiable for stakeholders, so you aren’t rescheduling follow-ups with candidates. When it’s time to make a decision, make that meeting non-negotiable, as well.

Build Relationships with Passive Candidates

Building a pipeline of passive candidates helps save significant time and money. The most qualified people in the industry are not necessarily looking for new roles. Building relationships with that talent gives you plenty of time to get a feel for their skills and alignment and speeds up the interview process when you have an opening.

Have a Referral Program

Who knows skilled tech pros? Other skilled tech pros. Develop an employee referral program that rewards employees for making successful referrals. Referrals are easier to retain, tend to require less training and are more culturally aligned.

Partner with an IT Recruiting Expert

Overhauling your hiring process can take months or even years. Partnering with expert IT recruiters allows you to instantly tap into their well-defined infrastructure and their network of active and passive talent. They handle all of the pre-work for you – screening, vetting, verifying, ensuring alignment, etc. Your time investment is much smaller, as they only send you candidates who meet and exceed your requirements. Many also offer contract-to-hire options that allow you to test employees for a period of time before extending an offer, and during the contract phase the recruiting firm takes on the administrative burdens associated with payroll and benefits.

At PEAK Technical Consulting, we have a proven track record of helping employers build a talent pipeline and save time and money while improving accuracy. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you find the skilled professionals you need.


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