Retaining Your IT Talent Through Education

When it comes to professional development, individual IT professionals are truly in the driver’s seat. However, offering educational opportunities to your tech pros can help you boost retention – and your bottom line. Today’s IT pros want to work for companies that invest in their education and development. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to invest in the ongoing education of your IT talent.

Education Helps Control Turnover Costs

It can cost as much as three times an employee’s salary to replace them. If you’re losing a lot of tech pros over a year, you are burning money. Education alone won’t stop turnover, but providing opportunities and sponsoring the development of your IT staff shows that you want them to grow with the organization.

When employees don’t see a clear path forward to more responsibilities, more opportunities, and more earning potential, they will leave. Investing in education and helping employees see a clear path with your organization builds loyalty, boosts retention and controls the cost of turnover.

Retaining and Educating IT Pros Boosts the Bottom Line

Education doesn’t just save the company money; it helps the company earn more. According to a recent report by ADT, companies that offer education and development have a 24% higher profit margin than companies that do not make that investment. Tech pros who are ahead of the curve work faster and smarter, innovate more and generate work that has a real impact on customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the bottom line.

Cost-Effective Ways to Invest in IT Education

There are many ways to invest in the education and development of your IT staff, and not all are costly. Consider solutions like tuition reimbursement programs that require employees to provide three years of service after earning their degree, which also helps boost retention. Certification reimbursement programs, conference and seminar sponsorships, lunch and learns, and sponsored offsite training are all also ideal ways to offer education to your tech team.

Are You Ready To Hire Top Tech Talent?

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