Gaining More Flexibility with Contract IT Work

Few fields are as demanding and stressful as information technology. The hours are long, the work is unpredictable and burnout is a common problem. However, there is a way to achieve more freedom and flexibility in a demanding field like IT without taking a step backward, taking a cut in pay or sacrificing benefits. If you are burned out or are in danger of burning out, it’s time to consider the flexibility of contract IT work.

Achieve a Flexible Schedule with Contract IT Jobs

Work-life balance can often feel out of reach for talented IT pros. When you’re at work, you’re thinking about all the things you’re missing at home, and when you are at home it’s hard to relax when your phone is constantly buzzing with work emergencies.

When you do IT contract work, you have a much more flexible schedule than your counterparts in traditional roles. Because your skills are in such high demand, it’s simple to fill your calendar with projects that ensure paycheck stability, but it is equally easy to build in time between contracts to recharge your batteries. Contractors don’t have to worry about the limited amount of vacation time bestowed upon them by an employer. They can take off a few days between projects, a few weeks, or even longer. You have the freedom to control your schedule and build in the time you need to step away from the rat race and focus on things that matter outside of work.

Choose Your Own Adventure with Contract IT Work

When you work a traditional job, you are beholden to the priorities and needs of that organization. When you contract, you are in the driver’s seat of your career. You can pick and choose the projects you want to work on and the companies you want to work for. This flexibility allows you to focus on using, building and growing specific skills or even developing new skills. You’ll learn about the project ahead of time, so you can determine whether it will allow you to utilize your best skills and make real contributions.

As you build your skills, you’ll also be building your value as a professional and as a person. Working in a variety of settings forces you to become more adaptable and flexible, pushes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you to overcome obstacles faster.

Are You Ready for the Flexibility of Contract IT Work?

If you are a tech pro and you’re interested in learning more about contract IT work, we invite you to browse PEAK’s IT contract jobs, or contact PEAK Technical Consulting today. We will work closely with you to identify great jobs at great organizations where you will thrive. We look forward to helping you achieve your career goals.


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