How Can We Support Your Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)?

The talent market for service-oriented architecture is competitive and getting tighter by the day. With tech unemployment at historic lows and a well-documented skill gap, it can feel impossible to find talent to support your SOA projects. However, with the right approach – and the right technical staffing partner – your organization can overcome these challenges and find the talent you need.

How Traditional Recruiting Impacts SOA Hiring

The skills gap and the tight talent market make hiring a challenge. There are skilled SOA professionals out there who are willing to make a move but most companies don’t know how to access that talent. If you’re taking a traditional, reactionary approach to hiring SOA pros, you’re probably struggling. Waiting until a role opens to find talent, posting listings online and waiting for people to apply is a recipe for failure. If you wish to attract top talent, you must go out and put yourself in front of passive candidates to convince them to make a move to your company.

However, identifying talent is only half the battle. Recruiting passive talent isn’t easy. It takes time and it takes finesse. You have to know how to build relationships and when to make a move presenting an offer. Complicating things even further are ever-increasing salary levels and the fact that it is truly a job-seeker’s market. Talented people have their pick of nearly any job they want, and candidates are dictating their own terms for success.

Overcoming SOA Hiring Challenges

If you don’t have months or years to build relationships with passive SOA talent, PEAK Technical Consulting can help. A leader in SOA web services recruiting, PEAK has a wide network of active and passive SOA talent and we can quickly match you with the professionals you need.

PEAK can also help you staff SOA projects on a short-term basis. If you’ve got deadlines to meet, if you are experiencing a period of high demand or you simply need to access specialized skills for a specific project, PEAK will connect you with skilled SOA contractors who will allow you to achieve your goals.    Our team actively recruits highly-skilled SOA talent, placing them with our clients for their short-term or project-based needs.

If you need top SOA web-services talent, quickly, put the resources of PEAK Technical Consulting behind you. Contact our SOA team today to access the best and the brightest.


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