How to Build a Relationship with Your Recruiter

A professional recruiter can quickly amp up your engineering job search. The right recruiter will have a variety of tools in their toolbox; will come to the table with an extensive professional network; and will have an inside line on “hidden” job opportunities that are not advertised to the public. The best way to ensure success is to build a real relationship with your recruiter. The more your recruiter gets to know you, the better their ability to match you with the right opportunities.

Research, Research, Research

Don’t settle for the first recruiter you find through a Google search. Spend time researching firms that specialize in placing engineers and conduct recon on the recruiters you’re interested in working with. When you find a few that are worthwhile, reach out to schedule a meeting.

That first meeting will be like an interview, but it’s really a chance for both you and the recruiter to get to know each other. Come armed with a list of questions about the recruiter’s background, skills, their track record in your engineering specialty and their understanding of the job market. Ask as many questions as you need to be comfortable and confident in working with them, and take thorough notes.

Choose One Recruiter

Some engineers try to balance relationships with several recruiters, but this can lead to confusion, challenges and conflicts. After you’ve interviewed with several recruiters, review your notes, evaluating each recruiter’s potential. Consider the reputation of their firm, their experience in your specialty and whether or not you felt you had a good rapport with them. To have a good relationship, you genuinely must like the recruiter.

Be Honest, Be Responsive

Communication is the cornerstone of a good recruiting relationship. In order for your recruiter to match you with engineering job opportunities that are right for you, you have to be honest and open about what it is you are really looking for. Be clear about salary and benefits needs, location, preferences, and more. If your priorities change throughout your search, keep your recruiter in the loop. Return calls and emails promptly, and if you happen to be going away on a trip, let your recruiter know in advance.

Put Trust in Your Recruiter

If you’ve put in the advance work, you should have confidence in your recruiter’s abilities, so you should be able to trust their recommendations. Check in regularly – without being a nuisance – to stay on your recruiter’s radar, but remember that great opportunities can sometimes take a while to find. It is possible to find a great job quickly, but in some cases, you may have to wait for your ideal opportunity to arise. If you’ve chosen wisely and been honest with your recruiter, trust they are working to help match you with the right openings.

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