Position Yourself as a Cultural Fit

Technical skills are important in IT, but when you’re interviewing for jobs, hiring managers are going to evaluate more than just your experience. They will also be looking at whether you are a cultural match for the organization. Candidates who are culturally aligned will be happier and more productive on the job, and it is in every employer’s best interest to hire someone who will be a strong match. Use these tips to position yourself as a true cultural fit.

Always Know the Culture

To prove you will fit in, you must know the culture of the organization you’re interviewing with. You can get clues about culture from the company website, their social media profiles, company reviews and news articles. If you know someone who works there, try to connect with them to ask what it’s like to work for the organization.

Determine Your Alignment

Once you have a grasp of company culture, you need to identify places where that culture aligns with your values, approach to work, and your personality. Highlight those overlapping areas during your interview. For example, if you’re interviewing with a startup, you’ll want to showcase your ability to self-start, wear many hats, pitch in where needed and possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

Ask Targeted Questions

When it comes time to ask questions of the hiring manager, you can stand out as a candidate who has given serious thought to cultural alignment. As questions like these:

  • What is the leadership style of the direct supervisor for this role?
  • What types of people succeed here? What types of people do not?
  • Can you tell me about any challenging interdepartmental relationships?
  • What are the continuing learning opportunities available for tech employees?
  • How often do you hire from within?

Don’t Force It

If you don’t find areas where your values align with the culture, the company is probably not a good match for you. Remember, match doesn’t just matter for the employer; it impacts your happiness and success, as well. Don’t try to be someone you are not, just to land a job. If you aren’t culturally aligned, you could find yourself back on a job search sooner rather than later.

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