Is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution Right for You?

There was a time when accounting, HR, finance, supply chain and other departmental software worked independently, without communicating across systems. In today’s fast-paced climate, this siloed approach can impact your ability to compete in the marketplace. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions bring disparate processes together to create a collaborative environment with free-flowing exchanges of information. So, is an ERP solution right for you?

Why ERP Solutions Matter

ERP solutions ensure your business can share mission-critical data across departments. When everyone has access to updated, real-time data, and when they can see what other departments are working on, it improves collaboration, helps facilitate data-driven decisions and increases productivity across the board.

Most companies understand the importance of ERP solutions, but many are hesitant to undergo an implementation. They may fear they do not have the information to make the right ERP choices, they may fear the costs, or they may be concerned that they will lose the systems they currently have in place. These are legitimate fears, but if your existing systems are not allowing you to grow, if you’re relying too heavily on manual reporting to exchange information between departments, or if you’re struggling to exceed customer expectations, it’s time to get serious about ERP implementation.

New advancements in ERP can give you a serious competitive edge in the market. Not only will they improve your internal performance, but they can afford better opportunities for customer engagement.

Are You Ready to Plan Your ERP Implementation?

If you are ready to get started and could benefit from the expertise of a partner that understands the intricacies of implementing, customizing and integrating enterprise applications, partner with PEAK Technical Consulting.

PEAK has decades of experience and market knowledge in ERP, CRM and SOA solutions. Our functional experience encompasses many industries including the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Inventory and Purchasing
  • Human Capital Solutions
  • Manufacturing (including Planning)
  • Marketing and Call Center Support
  • Product Data Management and Data Warehousing
  • Project Billing and Costing, Distribution and Services
  • Selection of ERP Vendors
  • Supply Chain Management

Do You Need ERP Project Management Talent?

An ERP implementation can only be successful if you have the right people in place to make it happen. If you need advice on your implementation including project managers to help execute the strategy, contact the expert recruiters at PEAK technical consulting today.

About PEAK

PEAK Technical Consulting is a leading provider of IT and technical talent, offering contract staffing, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions throughout the United States. With nearly 50 years of technical recruiting experience, we are committed to delivering real value to our clients by providing the resources, support and solutions they need to succeed.

If you are looking for skilled, experienced IT professionals to help your business grow and prosper, contact the IT recruiting experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today.


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