Preparing Your Workforce for New Engineers

Adding new engineers to your team, whether they are full-time or contract-based, can be exciting. It means you’re working on new projects and moving towards your strategic goals. However, adding new engineers to the team can cause unexpected tension and shifts in group dynamics. If you want to create a smoother transition and set up the team for success, it pays to prepare your workforce any time you add new engineers.

Communication is Key

Lack of information is the leading cause of office gossip. The first step in preparing your team for new engineers is to communicate the need for those new engineers as soon as you know you’re starting a search. Explain the reasons why you’re adding new engineers and talk about the ways in which additional team members will help them all succeed.

Always allow time for employees to ask questions – especially if you’re bringing on contractors. When short-term contractors are brought in, some people may feel threatened or worry the company is in financial trouble. Be open and transparent about the situation to help everyone feel comfortable with the addition of new staff.

Make Onboarding a Team Effort

Assign each member of the team a specific task and goal associated with onboarding the new engineer. Divide the tasks by strengths. Computer-savvy team members may be in charge of getting engineers up to speed on any proprietary software, for example.

Making every member of the team a part of the onboarding process will facilitate buy-in of the change. First and foremost, it helps existing team members get to know the new person quickly. Next, it ensures that team members will take the time to answer questions thoroughly and effectively, rather than leaving the new engineer hanging out to dry.

Create a Feedback Culture

If everyone is involved in onboarding, it is logical to check in once a week to see how the new engineer is progressing. This is important from a practical standpoint, but it also shows your team you value their input and opinions. Ask them how the new engineer is doing, ask them about strengths and ask about areas for improvement. Use this time to also provide feedback on how each team member is doing with their onboarding goals.

When you check in with the new engineers, ask them how they think their peer-to-peer interactions are going, as well. By creating a culture of feedback, you can tune into dynamics you might not otherwise observe, allowing you to nip potential issues in the bud and reinforce positive behaviors and performance.

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