How to Interview Telecommunications Engineering Talent

When it comes to hiring telecommunications engineers, accuracy matters. You need to find high-level talent with the right skills and personality to succeed. Standard interview questions that speak to a candidate’s technical acumen and experience are important, but it is also necessary to dig a little deeper. Consider asking these questions of your telecommunications engineering candidates.

Tell Me About Your Most Challenging Project During the Past Year

First and foremost, this tells you what a candidate considers to be a “challenging” project and why. Follow up by asking how the engineer navigated those challenges and what the outcomes were. This will provide insight into their ability to solve problems and overcome adversity.

Tell Me About the System You Use to Prevent Errors and Mistakes

Telecommunications engineering requires attention to detail. This question will pull back the curtain on how a candidate approaches details and prevents costly errors and mistakes. Don’t judge the method – perhaps the engineer uses a manual method and you prefer a digital method. What matters is they have a means of preventing mistakes and improving quality and productivity.

Tell Me About Your Leadership Style

Whether a role is supervisory or not, every engineer is tasked with leading people at some point during a project. This question gives you a sense of the way they approach leadership and how they inspire others to act.

If You Learn the Budget of a Project Has Been Slashed, What Do You Do?

Projects often experience budgetary issues, and it is important to learn how a candidate handles themselves and a project in the face of such an extreme change. How an engineer manages cost control without sacrificing quality is critical for success.

Why Did You Choose Telecommunications Engineering?

This is a lighter question, but an important question that can speak to a candidate’s passion and excitement for their work.  The actual answer itself isn’t necessarily what you’re judging, unless the answer is, “I don’t know.” You’re looking for signs the person is excited about and interested in the field. Passion and enthusiasm cannot be taught on the job, but they are contagious at work.

Do You Need Telecommunications Engineering Talent?

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