Personality Traits to Look for In Tech Talent

With employment at historic lows, it is essential that every new tech hire makes the most significant impact on your organization. Thus, in this current job market, it’s necessary to look beyond the technical skills on a candidate’s resume and consider a candidate’s personality traits.

What are the most important personality traits to look for?

When appraising a candidate’s personality traits, it’s best to look for attributes that will bring positivity and increased productivity to your organization. A new hire who possess personality traits such as drive, passion, dedication, creativity, vision and a sense of collaboration with co-workers will enhance your work environment.


When interviewing a candidate, make sure to “get their story.”  A person is the sum of their experiences in life and spending some time learning about their past can be insightful into their motivation and drive. For example, say they’ve earned a degree while working full time. While this is usually out of necessity, it also speaks to a high level of drive, as it is not the easiest path to take.


Candidates who can discuss past work projects and drill down to every detail have a passion for their work. These employees get so involved in their tasking that they eat, sleep and breathe it. Candidates with passion will always put in the extra time and go the extra mile to ensure a project is a success, which can do great things for your organization.


If a candidate possesses passion, dedication is usually the personality trait right behind it. Where there is passion, dedication and commitment will exist. For example, passion fuels the interest that drives dedication. If an employee is passionate about a project, they won’t walk away when the going gets tough.


Creativity can be a game-changing trait. Creativity, when used well, can spark innovation and allow for impossible problems to be solved. A creative mind sees the world differently and sometimes it’s this unique perspective that fosters new ideas.


When a candidate has vision, they can see the “big picture.” They can look down the road and anticipate the future, allowing for better planning and preparation which can save money and time.

Sense of Collaboration 

Successful employees know how to work well with others. It’s this teamwork that gets work done effectively and efficiently. If an employee can work across the table and has effective communication, it can drive creativity, solve problems, and allow for innovation.

Moving Forward

With record levels of employment causing a tight job market, each new hire needs to count. When trying to assess the value of a potential tech hire, be sure to look at personality traits that can signal not only how well they will perform, but what they can bring to your organization. When looking to add to your employee roster, be sure to work with an industry expert, a professional recruiter. At PEAK Technical Staffing, we have the expertise, knowledge and results to deliver our clients top tech talent that will fuel their business growth.

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