Networking Success Tips for Engineering Professionals

Networking is a vital component of any career, and this holds true for engineering professionals as well. Many of the most sought-after jobs never get posted to online forums but are instead filled through word of mouth, so the larger one’s network is, the higher the likelihood of landing one of these roles. However, many of the personality skills that make engineering professionals successful (the ability to work independently for example) don’t naturally lend themselves to the social aspect of networking. With networking being so critical to professional growth and development how do engineering professionals embrace this essential function?

Tips for Successful Networking

Utilize Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Network

Using platforms like LinkedIn can help grow your professional network quickly. You can build connections across various industries and reach a diverse set of professionals. Try joining online groups for your specific specialty and contribute as much as possible.

Take Your Virtual Network and Bring It into the Real World

While platforms like LinkedIn are excellent when making connections they rarely grow connections. For relationships to develop, it takes face-to-face interactions. With that in mind, look to connect with people not only in your practice area but also in your geographical area. When looking to make new connections, try to identify people who are more senior to you. These connections can sometimes develop into organic mentoring arrangements. 

Sign up for Industry Professional Organizations

There are many organizations for engineering professionals of all types. By joining these groups, members can attend membership meetings and events which are great opportunities to build your network in the real world. Serving on a board or committee for these groups is a great way to meet new people and build your resume at the same time.

Attend Conferences

Conferences are a great way to practice networking. Not only do they offer talks and panels, most usually host happy hours and other social events. These events can provide excellent networking practice in a low-stress environment.

Join Employer-Sponsored Sports Clubs and Other Social Clubs

Many employers host or sponsor employee sports and social clubs. These groups help to create a more diverse network within your company, which you can use to learn about developments within the company and maybe even identify your next project. 

Read Networking Books

Engineers are no strangers to reading. If you feel you need help making your networking efforts more productive, find a good networking book and use the techniques outlined within. There are several excellent books available on the market today.

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