Application Mistakes That Make You Look Unprofessional

When hiring managers post IT jobs, they get deluged with endless applications, and they must be able to weed through those applications quickly to find candidates who are likely to be successful. Errors on your application will virtually guarantee you won’t get called for an interview, so avoid these common mistakes that make you look unprofessional.

Not Following Instructions

A job application is not a place to pick and choose what you want to do and how you do it. It is crucial to follow instructions to the letter. For example, if the instructions say to include a link to your portfolio, include that link. Include attachments, salary requirements, if asked, and any other details specifically laid out in the posting.

It is also important to fill out every question on an online application and to answer those questions directly. Remember your competitors are answering those questions, which means the hiring manager has more information about them than they have about you. Skipping questions also implies lack of attention to detail, and many systems simply reject applications that do not have all fields completed.

Missing the Closing Date

If the job posting indicated an application deadline or closing date for the position, don’t send your application in after the fact, even if you only discovered the post that day. Hiring managers make inferences about you based on your application and applying late can imply you lack attention to detail or you are unable to stick to a deadline.

Typos and Errors

Even if you think you are a master of spelling and grammar, it is important to run your documents through at least one spell check program and have at least two other sets of eyes look at your materials before you send them. You won’t impress if you say something like, “Instrumental in ruining the East Coast development team for Project X.”

Failing to Include a Cover Letter

Yes, cover letters still matter in the 21st century. A cover letter is a place for you to address any obvious concerns, like gaps in employment or a missing skill. Cover letters are also the place to highlight your most impressive qualifications and achievements for the hiring manager. Additionally, cover letters showcase your ability to communicate in writing, and they can make a dramatic difference when it comes time to choose candidates for an interview.

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