7 Strategies for Effectively Managing IT Talent

When it comes to managing IT talent, leaders have a lot on their plates. If you utilize tech consultants for specific projects and initiatives, you may not have thought about the way you manage them. However, the right approach to managing a team that includes consultants can mean the difference between a successful engagement and a failed engagement.

Set Expectations

IT consultants need to know what is expected of them if you want them to actually deliver results. Without clear goals and expectations, your consultants may not be on the same page as the rest of the team in terms of priorities or workflow. Always sit down with new consultants and go over your goals and expectations for the engagement, and check in regularly to monitor progress.

Build A Relationship

IT leaders don’t have a lot of time to invest in getting to know a consultant on a personal level, but it pays to be friendly and show some level of interest. This is especially true if you find a consultant you’d want to work with again in the future. Consultants want to work places where they feel welcome.

Integrate Them into the Team

If you make consultants feel like second-class citizens compared to your permanent staff, you’re not going to get their best work. Make sure consultants are included on the team email list, that they receive all necessary documentation when they need it and that they are invited to all team meetings. If you treat consultants like members of the team, your employees will do the same. This can go a long way towards improving collaboration and preventing the resentment that can sometimes occur when consultants are added to the mix.

Don’t Micromanage, but Don’t Ignore

Managers often make one of two major mistakes with consultants. They either micromanage every detail of the consultant’s day, or they completely ignore the consultant and provide little support or guidance. Manage your consultants with the same level of attention you give the rest of the team. You brought in the consultants for their skill and talent, so be there to support them, but let them do their jobs the best way they know how.

Provide Feedback

Your permanent employees have regular performance reviews, but consultants don’t have that benefit. Don’t make them guess how they are doing. Instead, touch base with them each week to provide feedback. This will help consultants adjust their approach and deliver better results.

Offer Performance Incentives

If your permanent tech staff can earn bonuses for overperforming, offer the same to your consultants. It’s only fair they get rewarded like full-time staff for contributions to a successful project. As word spreads that you take care of consultants who exceed your expectations, you’ll attract a higher caliber of candidates for future projects.

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