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All tech pros experience days, weeks or even months when they feel a little frustrated with their careers. Perhaps the work has gotten repetitive or you’re stuck on a boring project that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. If you’re feeling a little disconnected from your career, use these tips to channel your passion for career success.

Learn Something New

You understand how important it is to keep your skills sharp and updated. However, when was the last time you learned something completely new? If there is a skill you’ve always wanted to learn or a skill you possess but you’d like to take it to the next level, sign up for a class. There are thousands of tech classes available online – many at a low or no cost to interested students. Learning something new can make you feel empowered while also enhancing your resume and making you more marketable to employers.

Build a Brand

What makes you great at your job? What are the skills you like to use, the trends you like to study and the tech topics you could talk about all day? These are the things that make you passionate about your field, and it is a worthwhile exercise for your career to tap into those passions and build a brand as an expert in your field.

Create a blog, join professional discussions online and create professional social media profiles where you can engage in tech conversations and share your expertise. These types of exercises will help you feel more connected to your field, and they will also boost your credibility to potential new employers. When they Google you, and see you spend your free time immersed in the industry, they’ll know they’ve found a passionate, talented candidate.

Work on a Passion Project

If you’re not feeling passionate about the projects you’re working on in the office, find projects that excite you and work on them in your spare time. Whether it’s building an app, contributing to an open source project or even volunteering your services to a local nonprofit, passion projects can help you remember why you got into the field. As a bonus, they also enhance your portfolio and resume and show you are a well-rounded candidate.

Consider a New Path

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, consider taking a leap in your career. Working as a consultant is a terrific way to earn good money while focusing on projects you are passionate about. Consulting also helps achieve work-life balance because you can control your schedule in ways you can’t if you work a traditional job. As a consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to constantly try new things while focusing on the skills you enjoy using the most.

If you are seeking out new and exciting career opportunities in IT consulting, but aren’t sure how to take the leap, it pays to have an expert recruiter on your side. PEAK Technical Consulting can connect you with positions that align with your passions, and together we can keep your calendar as full as you’d like it to be. Contact us to start the conversation today.

About PEAK

PEAK Technical Consulting has created connections with employers nationwide, where you can find projects and roles to make the most of your abilities and advance your career. Since 1968 PEAK has helped IT professionals find jobs that offer flexibility, challenges and rewards. We are committed to giving you the resources and support you need to build the career of your dreams.

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If you are looking for employers and opportunities that will take your IT career to the next level and help you to achieve your goals, contact a PEAK recruitment expert today.


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