Job Hunting Strategies: Land Your Dream IT Position 

The IT job market is competitive and sometimes even a bit cutthroat. Hiring managers often receive hundreds of resumes – or more – for a single open position. This can lead to a lot of frustration among job seekers. If you are on the job hunt, use these important strategies to land your dream IT position.

Define the Job You Really Want

While it might seem like an IT job hunt is a numbers game, it isn’t. Success depends far more on the quality of your applications than the quantity you send out.  Instead of applying to every job posting you see, make sure you are targeting your search to roles that align with your skills, experience and professional goals. When you apply for jobs to which you are a match, it increases the chances you’ll receive a call for an interview.

Define the Type of Employer You Really Want

When you find a posting that sounds like it’s got everything you’re looking for, your next step is to start researching the organization. You want to determine if the company has values you agree with and a culture in which you are likely to thrive. This type of information can be found on the organization’s website and social media profiles, sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, and in local business journal articles.

Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter

Sending out general resumes and cover letters will save you time, but generic documents will not help you land interviews. Hiring managers can see through a generic resume and cover letter. Always tailor your application to showcase the skills and qualifications that best align with the needs of the company and make sure to use your cover letter to clearly state your case as to why you are an ideal candidate. Tailoring your application shows you read the posting closely, you pay attention to detail and you’re genuinely interested in the job.

Get Help From an Insider

If all of those strategies seem daunting to you, you’re not alone. Embarking on a successful search takes a lot of work, and it’s why many IT professionals settle for less than their ideal position or they abandon their search altogether. However, there is a way to make the process a lot less stressful and time consuming.

Working with a specialized IT recruiter is the most effective way to find tech jobs that align with your skills, experience and goals at companies where you are likely to thrive. A recruiter will help you tailor your documents and prepare for your interview ahead of time so you make a great impression.

If you are an experienced IT professional seeking new career opportunities, reach out to the recruiting experts at PEAK Technical Consulting today or submit your resume online. Together, we can help you achieve your career goals.

About PEAK

PEAK Technical Consulting has created connections with employers nationwide, where you can find projects and roles to make the most of your abilities and advance your career. Since 1968 PEAK has helped IT professionals find jobs that offer flexibility, challenges and rewards. We are committed to giving you the resources and support you need to build the career of your dreams.

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