Evaluating Candidates Based on Passion

“Passion” is a big buzzword in HR and staffing circles, but even if you’ve heard the word “passion” 100 times today, don’t write it off as a cliché. Passion is a critical trait that should not be overlooked when you’re hiring engineering professionals. Passionate engineers are focused, committed to quality and driven – traits that you can’t train into a new hire. Passion also has a way of spreading. One engineer’s enthusiasm can rub off on the team, improving outcomes across the board.

But how can you determine whether you have a passionate candidate in front of you? Try asking these revealing interview questions.

How Do You Stay Informed on What’s Happening in the Field?

You’ll know you have a passionate candidate if they can answer this question instantly. People who spend a lot of their free time reading journals, attending seminars and conferences, etc., truly enjoy what they do. A person who relies on their firm to teach them and keep them up-to-date likely isn’t as naturally passionate.

What Is a Problem in the Field That You’d Like to Solve?

Engineers should be natural problem-solvers, and a passionate engineer can share with you a problem or something that bothers them about the industry they’d love to fix. These engineers know that no industry or field is perfect, but they are so driven by love for what they do that they want to help make it perfect. People who can answer this question with ease – and who are interested in speaking about it at length – are truly passionate about what they do.

Tell Me About a Risk You’ve Taken and How It Turned Out

Engineering is not a field known for risk-taking. It is a field of precision and accuracy. However, passionate people take risks all the time in an effort to strive for better results. It might be something like telling a client their goals are unrealistic and providing them an alternative solution. Perhaps they took a chance on a new designer. It might be taking a job with a new firm with no established track record. Risks come in all forms, and the courage and confidence required to take a risk shows genuine passion.

When Have You Been Most Satisfied in Your Work With Your Current Employer?

While this question is not directly related to passion for engineering, it does speak directly to motivation and cultural fit. In their answer, the candidate will reveal the type of culture in which they do their best work, and they will also provide insight into their motivation for seeking a new opportunity. These are critical factors when determining fit and they provide more evidence about the candidate’s level of passion.

Are You Seeking Passionate Engineering Talent?

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