How Is Generation Z Changing Hiring?

Just when you finally figured out what millennials were looking for in an employer, Generation Z started entering the workforce. This generation is beginning to graduate, and hiring managers need to understand some important things about Generation Z if they want to be able to attract and retain this new breed of young engineering talent.

Who Is Generation Z?

Generation Z is made up of the children of Generation X, once labeled the “slacker generation.” There are nearly 23 million young Americans that fall into Generation Z, and they were raised in the modern era of technology. They do not remember the world before 9/11, they never experienced working with dial-up internet or life without cell phones and Facebook. They are used to a 24-hour news cycle and they are completely comfortable sharing everything about themselves on social media. All these factors inform who this generation is and what they want out of their careers.

Generation Z Wants Actual Perks

Millennials could be wooed with kegerators, catered lunches and ping-pong tables, but Generation Z isn’t as easily swayed by perks like these. According to a recent survey, the top three perks that Gen Z wants in a job are health insurance, a competitive salary and a boss they can respect.

The new generation of engineering talent understands that health insurance costs are skyrocketing for individuals, and they have graduated from college with massive amounts of debt that must be settled. They are looking for more financial security than millennials, but they also want to work for someone they respect and who values their input.

Generation Z Wants Work That Has Meaning

Like the millennials before them, Generation Z is looking for more than a paycheck from their employer. They want their work to have meaning. That doesn’t mean they are all looking for nonprofit jobs, but they do want to know the work they do each day contributes to something greater.

Hiring managers will have to spend time connecting jobs to the “big picture” when interviewing Gen Z engineering candidates so those candidates can get an understanding of the value their work will bring to the organization and the projects they contribute to.

Generation Z Is All About Entrepreneurship

While millennials had a bit of an “entitled” reputation, Generation Z sees themselves as the architects of their own destinies. They are self-motivated and understand they must go out and grab what they want from life, having grown up with role models like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. According to the survey, nearly half of Generation Z wants to have their own business one day, compared to just 32 percent of all other generations in the workplace.

Are You Looking for Young Engineering Talent?

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