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It takes a lot of time, effort and skill to manage a team of full-time employees. But how well are you managing your team when you bring in short-term IT consultants and subject matter experts? Many companies rely on IT consultants to help manage workload and deliver projects on time, but not everyone knows how to manage these professionals effectively in the workplace. Use these strategies to help you have successful engagements with your IT consultants.

Define Clear Expectations

Managing expectations begins during the hiring process. Make sure all IT consultant candidates are clear on the project, how they will fit into the team and how their success will be measured. On their very first day, sit down and go over the goals for the project, its timeline, what will be expected of them day-to-day and the metrics by which their success will be measured. Setting clear expectations from the beginning lays the foundation for a successful engagement.

Set up Consultants for Success

The most talented IT consultants in the world cannot help your project succeed if they do not have the right tools. Before their first day, make sure they are given all the permissions they need to access critical systems and networks. Provide new consultants with a list of the names and job titles of the people they will be working with to help them get acclimated to their new team and cut down on time spent hunting down the right people.

It is also critical that consultants be treated like a true part of the team. Check in with them regularly throughout their first few weeks to see how they are fitting in and make sure you are including them in all team emails, calls, meetings, etc. Follow up with the permanent staff to ensure they are including the consultant in all relevant conversations, as well.

Provide Ongoing Feedback

If you want to get good results from an IT consulting engagement, feedback is absolutely necessary. Make sure to let the consultant know when they are doing things well, and provide constructive feedback if you spot areas for improvement. The consultant wants to exceed your expectations on the assignment, and they will be grateful for your input.

As the contract period winds to a close, ask the consultant to provide their own feedback to you, as well. The insight they provide can help you adjust your approach as you manage IT consultants on future projects.

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PEAK Technical Consulting is a leading provider of IT and technical talent, offering contract staffing, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions throughout the United States. With nearly fifty years of technical recruiting experience, we are committed to delivering real value to our clients by providing the resources, support and solutions they need to succeed.

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