5 Traits of Confident Employees – and Why Top Talent Needs Them

When you’re on the hunt for skilled IT professionals, it’s easy to get hung up on evaluating technical skills. Experience and technical knowledge are important; however, it is also important to find candidates who have some important character traits like confidence. Confident employees tend to produce more and work at higher levels than people who consistently doubt themselves. Here are five traits of confident employees, and why top talent needs them.

A Sense of Accountability

Confident people understand they are in the driver’s seat and they rarely blame others when things go wrong. They own their failures as well as their successes and if they don’t have the tools they need to succeed, they find them. Accountability is crucial to success, both on an individual level and a team level. Employees who constantly blame others for their shortcomings will hold back the entire group.


You won’t find a confident employee sitting around waiting to be told what to do. They assess a situation and step up to get the job done. People who take initiative are invaluable to the success of a project. If everyone waited around for directives and instructions, nothing would ever get done in a timely fashion.

Persistence and Resilience

People who lack confidence tend to give up when they come up against an obstacle. Confident people, on the other hand use problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges and bounce back from a failure. IT is a stressful business. There are a lot of dollars tied up in tech projects, and it is critical that professionals are able to overcome challenges effectively to achieve their end result.

They Strive for More

Confident people don’t let themselves become complacent. They are always seeking to take on new responsibilities, learn new things and challenge themselves. This is an especially important trait for tech professionals since there are always new developments in science and technology. Effective IT pros must be willing and able to push themselves beyond where they stand today.

They Know What They Don’t Know

Don’t mistake confidence for arrogance. Truly confident people aren’t afraid to admit what they don’t know. Confident employees say things like, “I don’t know the answer right now, but I’ll find it for you or find someone who does know ASAP.”  When things come up that challenge their ability or skills, confident people will take steps to build that knowledge base for the future. Knowing one’s own limitations is a critical success factor. You don’t want people accepting tasks they can’t do or providing information they don’t know to be true.

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