Must-Ask Interview Questions for IT Consultants

Job interviews are stressful situations, and IT consulting interviews can be more stressful than others. You’re often sitting across the table from a team of interviewers who are judging you and taking notes on everything you say. Given the pressure, it’s easy to forget that interviews are actually two-way streets. It is just as important for you to evaluate the company as it is for the company to evaluate you. Asking questions is the only way to make a strong choice if you are offered a consulting position on a project.  When it comes time to turn the tables on your interviewers, be prepared with thoughtful questions that will impress, but that will also provide you with information you need to decide if their opportunity is right for you.

Put Yourself Ahead of the Competition with Thoughtful Questions

Here are some must-ask questions to include on your list the next time you interview for a consulting position:

How is success defined in this role?

From the interviewer’s perspective, this question shows you are thinking about performing well on the job. From your perspective, their answer will help you understand what their expectations are for the role, and you may also uncover some skills or requirements not covered in the job description.

What are the challenges facing the current team at this time?

Asking this question shows you are motivated to make positive contributions to the team and the project. When they share the current challenges, this opens the door for you to illustrate the ways you could help them overcome those challenges.

What are this team’s best and worst working relationships with other groups in the company?

This question will reinforce your genuine interest in learning more about the project, the team and the culture within the organization. It will also give you a glimpse into what you can expect. It helps to know ahead of time, for example, if your group is continually butting heads with the operations division.

What types of people excel in this position?

The answer to this question can provide you with some insight into the traits needed to succeed within their organizational structure, and it can give you a better picture of what the culture might be like.

In thinking about your ideal candidate for this position, are there any gaps you see in my personal skills or experience?

This question is bold, and not everyone can bring themselves to ask it. However, it shows you are genuinely interested in the position and provides you the opportunity to directly address any potential reservations or questions they may have about your fit for the job.

Asking questions like these can put you a step ahead of your competition by demonstrating your genuine interest in the position and the organization, and provide you with details you need if you are presented with an offer.

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