Six Tips for Creating an Effective Online Brand

You’ve probably spent a long time polishing your resume to illustrate your experience as a professional engineer. Your resume is important, but it is not enough to attract attention and make a strong case to hiring managers. In today’s digital-driven world, you’ve got to have a strong online presence. Hiring managers will Google you before they consider you for an interview, so it is important they be impressed with what they find, and the results reinforce the idea that you are a talented and experienced engineer.

Spend Time on LinkedIn

Most professionals have a LinkedIn profile. Fewer spend the time to create a killer profile. First and foremost, spring for a professional headshot. Next, go through each section and make sure it is filled out completely and you’ve utilized keywords recruiters might search for when seeking out candidates. Be certain to add new projects regularly and spend time every week adding new connections. Finally, take time to participate in groups and comment on thought leaders’ content to keep your profile active.

Get Social

Set all your personal social media accounts to private. Potential employers don’t need to know what your political leanings are or your opinions on the newest Netflix series. Create professional accounts on platforms that make the most sense for you, and share your own content as well as content from thought leaders in your field. Build connections and follow engineers and firms that you respect.

Create a Personal Website

If you do not currently own your name as a domain, purchase it now and build a website. This site does not have to be intricate or complex. It should include your resume and if possible, detailed descriptions of your current and previous projects. If you are passionate about your field and confident in your writing abilities, develop some blog posts to showcase your expertise, as well. Don’t forget to post them to LinkedIn and your professional social media accounts.

Professional Forums

Do some research to find active online forums in your niche. Create a professional profile using your given name and participate in discussions. If you can’t find any specific forums,  Quora is a great place to start, and their results show in Google searches.

Become an Expert Source

Help A Reporter Out is an online service that connects journalists with experts for advice and quotes for stories. Sign up as an expert source and you’ll instantly be connected with local, national and regional reporters. Getting quoted in news stories will add impressive results to Google searches. Don’t forget to share any story you’re quoted in on LinkedIn and your professional social media accounts.

Book Speaking Gigs

Local professional and business groups are always looking for speakers to present at their events. Contact groups with ideas on speaking topics and market yourself as an available speaker on your website, LinkedIn profile and social media accounts. As you get booked, those groups will promote your talk, adding even more impressive search results to your name. Include your guest speaking engagements in your resume and LinkedIn profiles, as well.

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