3 Things Recruiters Want Job Seekers to Know

Engineering job seekers can often be unsure about how to work well with a recruiter, and there are many misconceptions floating around, especially online. A recruiter can be a strategic partner in your job search, so it’s important to know the facts. Here are three important things recruiters want job seekers to know.

Recruiters Want You To Succeed

It is important for every engineering job seeker who works with a recruiter to understand that the firm gets paid by their client companies. Some people take this to mean that the recruiter only cares about the employer, not the job seeker. This could not be further from the truth.

Recruiters make their client companies happy by filling their open positions with people who succeed and fit in well with the team. The most successful recruiters get to know their job seekers and recommend them for positions where they are likely to thrive and be happy. Yes, client companies pay the recruiting company’s bills, but those recruiters only succeed when they work to help you succeed.

Not All Recruiters Are the Same

There are millions of recruiting firms across the country, and no two are quite the same. As in any industry, you have your “generalists” who fill positions across a variety of industries and you have specialists who fill positions in a very specific niche.

People who work in highly technical fields like engineering are best-served by niche experts who focus specifically on successfully placing engineers and engineering support professionals. Niche experts know the industry, they have strong contacts in the field, and they understand what’s going on in the job market, helping you understand your value.

Communication Is Critical

Responsive and thorough communication is critical when working with a recruiter. Opportunities are often time-sensitive, so it is important to call your recruiter back in a timely fashion. If you’re hung up and can’t talk, shoot them a quick email or text (if you’ve established that texting is okay), letting them know you’ll get back to them shortly.  When you do connect, make sure that you’re always honest and forthcoming. If an opportunity doesn’t sound like it’s for you, it’s ok to say so. If you have questions, ask them. The recruiter needs to be confident that you are excited about the opportunity before recommending you.

If you haven’t heard from your recruiter in a while, it’s okay to send a quick email or drop a line to check in. Being proactive keeps you top-of-mind. Remember, your recruiter’s goal is to connect you with the right opportunity, and sometimes it only takes a few weeks, other times it may take longer. Even so, a little proactivity can go a long way.

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