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IT job searches can be extremely stressful. Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career, get out of a bad working situation or you find yourself between jobs, you feel a sense of urgency. That urgency makes it easy to fall into the trap of thinking your job search is all about you. Hiring managers are looking to hire the best person for the job, which means they are looking for the candidate who positions themselves as an expert who will add value to their team based on their organization’s needs. Here are some tips to help you catch their attention as you seek out your next professional opportunity.

Tailor Your Resume

Experienced hiring managers can tell right away if you took the time to read their posting or if you are simply blanketing the market with applications. Every resume and cover letter you send out should be tailored to the position to which you are applying.

Make sure to outline your most relevant skills and experience first, so the hiring manager doesn’t have to spend a lot of time matching your skills to the requirements of the job. Craft a personalized cover letter that positions you as their ideal candidate and shows you read the description and followed the directions.

Showcase and Quantify Your Achievements

Pop quiz: Does your resume list the responsibilities of all your previous positions? If so, it’s time for a major overhaul. Instead of writing a task-based job description, focus on your results and achievements. Instead of saying, “Ensured products met and exceeded customer expectations,” write, “Oversaw products that consistently met and exceeded customer expectations. Most successful project generated $3M in revenue for a client in its first month.” Note how the second statement makes much more of an impact.

Whenever and wherever you can, quantify your achievements, showing the value you bring to the table. Always be certain the data you provide can be verified.

Become an Online Expert

Did you know 80 percent of employers Google candidates before they decide to invite them to an interview? It’s safe to say you will be Googled almost every time you apply for a new position, so it is important your results impress.

A professional blog, a well-maintained and active LinkedIn profile where you share content, professional social media profiles and a history of participating in online discussion groups and help forums will paint the picture that you are active in the tech community.

Get “Reviewed”

What do you do before you try a new restaurant or make a major purchase? You probably check online reviews. You can also collect “online reviews” about yourself to show hiring managers the claims you make in your resume are true. LinkedIn is a great place to collect recommendations from past employers, colleagues and clients. If you maintain a professional website, you can also include a “testimonial” section where you showcase recommendations and endorsements, as well.

If you are an experienced IT professional seeking new opportunities, reach out to the recruiting experts at PEAK Technical Consulting today or submit your resume online to jumpstart your search.

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