How to Get Noticed by Top Recruiting Professionals

A recruiter can be an effective tool in your engineering job search, instantly connecting you to opportunities that align with your talents and your career goals. The right recruiter can save you time and increase the chances you’ll land your dream job. However, if you want to reap the benefits of working with a top tech recruiting professional, you’ve got to know how to get noticed and make a positive impression.

Polish Your Online Profile

When you make a connection with a recruiter, you can bet that you will be Googled. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and polished and it is searchable with a personalized URL. Set all of your personal social profiles to private, and Google yourself to make sure your search results are clean and professional.

Study Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a site that employees can use to share their experiences with employers. Users can post anonymously, so these reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt. However, with a discerning lens, you can get a good feel for how satisfied current and past job seekers have been with services. Look for positive reviews that list the factors you’re looking for in your search.

Study The Recruiting Firm’s Website

Just as you’d study a potential employer’s website before applying, when you identify a recruiting firm you want to work with, spend some time browsing their website. First and foremost, it should look professional, adhering to modern standards of design and user experience. If the site looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades or is extremely difficult to navigate, how effective can their approach to recruiting really be?

A successful recruiting firm’s website should list testimonials from both employers and professionals like you. A strong list of testimonials from both sides is a good indicator recruiters go the extra mile to make strong matches. Once you have a feel for the niche the firm works in, their mission and their approach to the success of their talent network, you can tailor your approach to making a connection.

Connect on LinkedIn

Don’t be afraid to follow a target agency on LinkedIn. Search the profiles of existing recruiters to find one you would feel comfortable working with; then make a connection. This will help grow your network and give you a “soft” introduction if you aren’t comfortable reaching out directly by telephone. Introduce yourself, invite the recruiter to browse your profile and tell them you are interested in connecting with them to find a new opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to follow up your InMail with a phone call to the recruiter if you don’t hear back quickly. Recruiters are busy, but they are always looking for strong talent. Strong follow-through shows professionalism, passion and drive, so don’t be intimidated by making a bold move.

If you are an experienced engineering professional seeking new opportunities, reach out to the recruiting experts at PEAK Technical today or submit your resume online to jumpstart your search.


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