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We thought you might be interested this article of Today’s Engineer.  The article speaks to the notion of “career contractors,” those engineers who prefer contract work over full-time employment with a single organization.

Moving from project to project enables veteran contractors to work on projects they prefer.  Besides being able to work on plum projects, this is a win for them in flexibility, as well as financially, as they typically earn 10 to 15 percent more than their staff counterparts.

It’s also a win for hiring organizations, as they get highly specialized talent on-demand, when they need it, and don’t have to pay the overhead associated with them when their specialized skills are not required.

A recent, soon-to-be-released, national study by PEAK reveals that 59% of employers feel that contractors perform as well or better as compared to their core staff, and that, on balance, using contract engineers saves the company money.

You can read the Today’s Engineer article in its entirety here.


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